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Title: Here There be Dragons (2/5)
Author's Name: [livejournal.com profile] pixelmayhem
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Fandom: Star Trek AOS AU
Rating: PG-13
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] mga1999
Word count: 2,964
Warnings: None I know of.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. I just like to see them all bendy. I promise to return them.

A/N: This is AU-as AU as possible.
Um…*lowers head* I’m so soooo sorry for how long it has taken me to get this out! This is just the start of me working on all my WIPs. Don’t hurt me.

Summary: Dragon slaying never goes as planned, as both Bones and Jim find out. Of course this leads to an epic adventure.

Previous Parts: Part 1

Somewhere between the top of the stairs and the room that Scotty was leading them to, Spock disappeared.

When Jim tried to ask Scotty about it he merely laughed and said “Mr. Spock? He’s not a one for drinking exactly.” To which Bones snorted. So Jim withheld any further questions on the subject.

‘Drinking’ turned out to be ‘eating’ because once they’d sat down the staff started bringing out trays of food and even a large bucket of meat for Encee to devour.

About half-way through the meal Spock appeared again and whispered something in Bones’ ear. Bones’ grumbled, stood, and followed Spock out of the room.

Scotty slid another glass of dark heavy liquor in front of Jim. “Looks like it’s just you ‘n me now.”

“Know where they’re going?” Jim asked taking a big swig of the heady brew.

Scotty shrugged, “Nary a clue. Mr. Spock’s probably dragged the Prince somewhere to sign some more blasted papers. He’s always having him sign some thing or the other.”

Jim stared into his cup and swirled the contents.

“Now, don’t be like that,” Scotty said bumping him in the shoulder, “I know! How’s about I give you a tour of the castle?”

Jim looked up at the empty doorway, and then up at Scotty’s eager face. He slammed back the rest of his drink, “Sure why not?”

Scotty grinned, “That’s the spirit!” and downed the rest of his drink as well. “There’s a lot more ta this place than you’d imagine, I reckon.”

It wasn’t long after that that Jim realized that ‘tour of the castle’ was going to be limited to ‘let me show you my inventions that are precarious and unstable.’ Encee had taken one look around the room and slinked back out the door as Scotty tried to draw Jim’s attention to his newest creation.

“Don’t wander far!” Jim called after her.

I am merely going to get some fresh air. Enjoy your toys.

“I’d hardly call them toys.” Jim shouted, knowing she would hear him even if she was out of hearing range. “Over grown sea serpent.” He muttered fondly.

Jim turned to look at what Scotty had been handing him, only to find the man gaping at him. “What?”

“What the blazes was that?” Scotty sputtered.

“What was what?” Jim asked perplexed.

Scotty flailed for a moment, “You, an’ your toys, an’ wandering an’,” then it seemed to connect for Scotty, “You’re not seriously telling me you can talk with the beast?”

“Was that a request for me not to tell you, or an actual question?” Jim asked laughing.

“Shut up! Tell me everything.” Scotty exclaimed, laughing and pushing Jim into a nearby chair.

“Surely Mr. Scott, you recognize the illogic of such a statement.” Spock’s voice intoned from the doorway.

Scotty didn’t seem startled at all by the intrusion, “Mr. Spock, Jim here was just about ta tell me how he’s able ta talk with his pet dragon.”

Spock raised an eyebrow, “Indeed? It is unfortunate then that I must insist further disclosures be postponed. Master James has had a long journey today. I have come to show him his quarters.”

Jim jumped at the opportunity presented to him. He faked a yawn into the back of his hand, “You know Scotty, I really could do with some shut-eye.”

“Aye, I suppose it’ll wait til the morning.” Scotty said with chagrin.

Jim hurried from the room, not waiting to hear any goodbyes. Spock met him in the hall, closing the door behind him.

Spock stared at Jim curiously for a moment, “If you would follow me. I have arranged quarters for you this way.”

Jim followed Spock in silence, down several flights of stairs and through twisting hallways.

“These are your rooms, I believe it is customary to wish you a pleasant repose.”

“Thanks Spock.” Jim said with another fake yawn, “I guess I’ll see you in the morning.”

Spock inclined his head, “Will your companion require other sleeping arrangements?”

“Encee? Nah, she’ll find her way if she needs to.”

“Then I shall leave you to your rest.” Spock said, turning to leave as Jim entered the room.

Jim barely took a cursory look at his surroundings. He headed over to the bed, flopped face down in the middle of it, and let out a sigh. He let the emotions and stress of the day seep out of him. Huh, apparently I was sleepier than I realized, he thought right before he drifted off.


Someone is coming.

Jim sat up in bed with a gasp. “Buwha?”

They are in trouble.

Jim dragged his hands down his face. Let’s try this again. What’s going on?

Jim, a messenger is heading towards the castle, and they are being pursued by goblins. They will need help.

Jim rolled out of bed and hit the ground running. Who’s room is closest?

The Prince’s. Upstairs on the right. I will head up to the tower to see better.


Jim sprinted down the hallway and fumbled his way up the stairs. He didn’t bother knocking, just flung the door open and charged in to find himself at the end of an enormous room with a bed at the far end. Bones had jerked awake when the doors slammed open.

“What is it?” He said, throwing himself out of bed and running towards Jim.

Jim waited til Bones had reached him, “Encee said there’s a messenger coming, and they’re being pursued by goblins.”

Bones nodded, “We’ll need to open the gate and provide cover for them. Come on, let’s get moving.”

Jim and Bones ran down the hall towards the stairs to the tower, pounding on doors as they went. Spock and Scotty soon joined them at the top of the tower.

“Encee’s up here looking at the situation.” Jim said, glancing around trying to see her.

There were many soldiers and civilians scrambling around them now as they strode to the edge of the battlements, though they could see nothing in the pitch black.

There is one rider heading towards the castle. They are already wounded. Giving chase are a group of twenty goblins.

“The messenger is wounded and being followed by twenty goblins.” Jim said to the others.

“I’ll ready the archers.” Scotty said before disappearing.

“Lower the drawbridge!” Bones yelled, then he looked at Jim and Spock, “Spock gather my medical supplies. How badly are they hurt Jim?”

I cannot tell.

“She doesn’t know.” Jim replied quickly. Jim only listened with half an ear as Bones muttered about cryptic messages and useless lizards.

The archers will not be able to help in time. Something must be done. Encee said unfurling from her perch on the far tower.

“They’re doing all they can.” Jim protested, as she spread her wings “What are you doing?”


Jim felt a tremor of dread shiver up his spine and he charged towards her. “No wait don’t!” he yelled, unable to catch up to her and forced to watch as she glided away.

He could just make out her dark shape as it moved towards the edge of the forest and met the other dark shapes that came into view. Then everything was illuminated as she let out a plume of fire, blocking the goblins from moving forward. They screamed and reared back from the heat. The ground burned around them and they could not pass. Seeing their quarry was escaping they screamed again in frustration, some of them taking careful aim with their bows and spears and letting loose.

The messenger is coming. They appear badly hurt.

Jim turned to face Bones, “She says they’re badly hurt.”

Bones clasped him on the shoulder, “I’ll take care of it.”

“You’ll what?” Jim asked Bones’ already re-treating form. Not getting an answer he turned to face Spock. “How’s he gonna take care of it?”

“I believe master James, that we should be more concerned with the battle on the grounds. The Prince is well equipped to handle any medical situation.” Spock watched with a raised eyebrow as the attacks from the goblins seemed to bounce off of Encee. “Fascinating.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty resistant to most projectile weapons. Something has to be pretty high velocity and pretty tough to get through her skin. I don’t think anything from that group down there will do the trick.”

More goblins poured out of the tree line as Encee took to the air, allowing the castle’s soldiers to fire on the goblins. The battle turned from long range fighting to close range fighting as mounted soldiers met the goblins on the road. The night air was filled with the clash of metal and shouts of the fighters.

The two of them watched the battle play out. Just as it looked like the prince’s soldiers had turned the tide, a large group of goblins and soldiers dressed in dark armor pushed a large contraption out into the open. Across the top of a wooden structure appeared to be a giant polearm. The men surrounding it were yelling and adjusting it as the goblins cranked levers on the side. It wasn’t difficult to see that it was being aimed directly at the castle. Encee, who had been picking off goblins from the air, gave a screech and turned to dive towards it when the men released a lever that sent it springing through the air. Turning away at the last second Encee still was clipped in the hand by the giant spear.

Jim didn’t have much time to worry about his friend when he realized that the spear—on its wobbly new trajectory—would hit much too close to his position. He took too long deciding where to leap, and it was only Spock’s shout of “Jim!” as he tackled him sideways that saved him from tumbling to the castle floor, buried under a pile of rocks and debris.

Dazed, Jim still scrambled to his feet quickly and dragged Spock away from the gaping hole where they had been standing. “Spock, are you all right?”

Spock picked himself up carefully, “I am within acceptable parameters James. It appears you have sustained damage, should I not ask you if ‘you are all right’?” Spock said nodding to the wound on Jim’s hand that was dripping a steady flow of blood.

“I’ll live,” Jim quipped shaking his hand out and then wrapping his other palm tight around it to stem the bleeding.

The moonlight dimmed under a brilliant flare of orange, and Spock and Jim scrambled to the wall’s edge to see what was happening. They could see the retreating forms of the enemy soldiers, and the charred remains of the weapon they left behind them.

“Guess she didn’t like that tactic at all.” He said grinning.

“Indeed, her aid in incendiary retaliation makes her a valuable ally.”

Spock and Jim watched as the soldiers from the castle quickly subdued the remaining combatants and carried any wounded back towards the castle. Jim watched as Encee flew back and landed on a far wall.

They have retreated for the moment.

Spock observed their interactions, but Jim could see that half of his concentration was focused on finding a safe way down.

“How are you?” Jim asked, nodding to her foreclaw.

I am well enough, as you know. We should be more concerned with the rest of the wounded.

“How bad is it? Were there a lot of wounded? What about casualties?”

Your prince is more likely to have that information than I will.

“He’s not my prince…” Jim started to argue

“James, I believe I have found an acceptable path for our descent. If you would follow me.”

Jim cast a long look at Encee.

Do not fear, I will retreat to your rooms. All will be well.

Jim nodded and followed Spock as they carefully climbed their way down to the chaos below. Spock seemed to make note of every drop of blood Jim lost on the way. Once they had reached the bottom they started walking towards the front gate.

“I believe the best course of action would be to check on the Prince. We may tend to your injury at the same time.”

Spock did not wait to see if Jim agreed, instead choosing to believe he will follow, he cut a line through the crowd. They heard Bones before they saw him. Shouting orders and arranging the chaos of wounded and attendees.

“Bandages! I need more bandages over here! Place that one in the West Hall, he can wait. Chapel take care of this other one, broken leg—set it and I’ll tend to him when I can spare a moment. If I don’t get more bandages here I’m going to lose him. I need to stem this bleeding!”

As Jim and Spock rounded a corner they finally caught sight of the Prince, bent over a man on the ground, both hands putting pressure on a growing red stain at the man’s abdomen. His eyes flicking around the space, making sure his helpers were in constant motion, triaging and sorting the wounded. Someone ran over to him with a basket filled with bandages, and he hurriedly started packing the wound. Once it was to his satisfaction, he leaned forward again and a blue light seemed to emanate from his hands.

“M’Benga, how many more do we have to go?” He shouted.

A voice came from across the way, “Fourteen more to triage. Most of them look superficial, none of them look critical. You’re working on the worst one now.”

“Thank god for that.” He murmured.

Jim slouched against a nearby wall. “He’s a healer?”

He didn’t actually expect an answer but Spock said, “Indeed, the Prince is one of the strongest healers of his generation.”

Spock leaned on the wall next to Jim, though he managed to do so with an almost noble air. Periodically men and women would run up to Spock and whisper reports in his ear.

Jim and Spock continued to watch as Bones, M’Benga, Chapel, and a handful of other people worked on the wounded. Chapel appeared to be in charge of any injuries that could wait. She used those around her to help her set bones, clean scrapes, and apply bandages. Bones and M’Benga focused on the more severely wounded, stabilizing arrow wounds and deep gashes. The two healers saved their strength for the worst cases, but it was obvious that their energy was waning. They checked every single patient, a brief flash of blue light searched out to check for concussions and internal bleeding. They made sure they haven’t missed anything before they relaxed.

It was Chapel who finally called a halt to things. “Right I think that’s good for tonight. Anything else can wait until tomorrow. Geoffrey, your Highness” she said teasingly, causing the Prince to growl, “We should see about getting some rest.”

The two men staggered to their feet groaning. Chapel stepped forward to lead M’Benga away, and Bones looked around until he spotted Spock and Jim and stumbled towards them.

Though he was swaying on his feet and practically gray with exhaustion, the first thing he said was, “What’s the news Spock?”

“The enemy has retreated for the moment. There are no obvious signs of further machinery. We will send out a scout at first light for further confirmation. You would have a better understanding of our position with regards to the wounded; however, there are 8 confirmed dead. The castle has taken moderate damage, but no there have been no reports of structural damage. The affected areas will take weeks to repair once we have gathered the necessary supplies.”

“All in all sounds like it could have been worse.” Bones said rubbing his eyes wearily.

Spock inclined his head, “What of the messenger?”

“The messenger took quite a bit of work to stabilize; we won’t be getting anything from him until morning at least.”

Suddenly Jim caught the Prince’s attention, “How’s your lizard? She did a good job, alerting us like that. The men I spoke with said she took that contraption on all by herself, she all right?”

Jim smiled wistfully, the rush of the day finally hitting him, “Oh you know,” he said gesturing with his hands tiredly, “She’s a bit ruffled, but she’ll be fine.”

This unfortunately brought his injury to Bones’ attention. It was still bleeding at a steady rate, and Bones’ scowled as his hand shoots out to snatch it. Jim tried to tug it back, but Bones tightened his hold accordingly. “Figures you’d get yourself injured. This needs cleaning you know. What, were you just planning on leaving it like that?”

Jim’s eyes widen, “Wait, Bones, it’s nothing. You don’t have to…”

But his words had no impact, as he saw the blue light flare, and he hissed, it seemed to burn the edges of the wound closed. Bones’ brow was furrowed, and the healing light was much brighter than Jim had seen it earlier.

As the light faded, Bones swayed and slumped, his knees giving out, forcing Spock and Jim to catch him and swing his arms over their shoulders.

“Damn it,” Bones murmured drowsily, “that was much harder than it looked. You must be immune to magical healing. Guess we’ll have to watch out for that.”

Jim just rolled his eyes and looked at Spock over the top of the Prince’s head. “We should get him to his room I guess.” Spock raised an eyebrow in what a human expression would have meant ‘Duh’ and they started walking.

Jim addressed himself to Bones, “You didn’t have to do that, it could have waited.”

Bones didn’t reply, too exhausted and focused on trying to stay awake for the journey up the stairs.


Part 3 TBA

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Date: 2011-06-11 05:02 pm (UTC)
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Yay! for more!

Love Encee. She's awfully handy in a battle.

I'm intrigued by the fact that Leonard had trouble healing Jim.

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Yes, I'm dreadfully late. So glad to see this posted though! I love this fic so much and can't wait for more! ♥

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I'm Loving this SO MUCH! Glad it's back!!! :D

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oh my goodness I love this I'm so glad to see more of it! can't wait to see more!
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