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It is on December nights, with the thermometer at zero...

That we most think of the sun.

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Birthdate:Oct 15, 1983
Layout credit goes to synic_trance at blowxgraphics found through mintyapple

“I believe we owe it to each other to tell stories. It’s as close to a credo as I have or will, I suspect, ever get.”
Neil Gaiman Fragile Things

“I write for the same reason I breathe—because if I didn’t I would die.” Isaac Asimov

I'm a strange female. I love angst, long (really long) plots, fluff, smut, and happy endings. These things do not necessarily go together so it makes my stories very strange as I navigate through what I want to include. Character deaths are sometimes necessary but always hated.

Feel free to friend, lurk, de-friend, or drive-by-comment (I'll be sure to duck!)

If you ever need help with writing or editing. If you want to discuss writing. If you're stuck on something in a story or stuck with an idea in general. If you want to discuss subtext or meta. Drop me a line. Say something in a comment. I would LOVE to talk to you, help you, whatever you think you need.

Seriously! Even if you just decided you liked something in my interests and want to geek out about it.

My fandoms: Ones I’ve read in, Ones I could write in
Dr. Who | NCIS | Gargoyles | Tinman | X-men-comics, cartoons, movies | Tamora Pierce | Star Trek | Star Wars TOT | Sailor Moon | Trigun | Dragon Ball Z | Stargate SG-1 | Stargate Atlantis |Witch Hunter Robyn | Harry Potter | Batman | Sherlock Holmes | Beetlejuice the Cartoon | Peter Pan | The Secret Garden | Reboot | Card Captor Sakura | Howl’s Moving Castle | Spirited Away | Labyrinth | Ruroni Kenshin | Inuyasha | Yu Yu Hakusho | Soul Eater |

Main Pairings I read:
Kirk/McCoy | Harry/Snape | Cain/DG | Jareth/Sarah | Soul/Maka | Lisa/Goliath | Rodney McKay/John Sheppard | Tony/Gibbs | Wendy/Peter | Howl/Sophie | Rogue/Logan | Rogue/Gambit | Rose/9 | Rose/10(&10.5) | O'Neill/Rodney | O'Neill/Sheppard/McKay | Darcy/Elizabeth | Emma/Knightly | Kenshin/Kaoru | Kagome/Seshomaru | Holmes/Watson | Vash/Meryl | Dickon/Mary |

Other Pairings I read:
Kirk/Spock | Harry/Sirius | Harry/Lupin | Harry/Draco | Rodney/Carson | Rodney/Lorne | Rodney/Zelenka | Rodney/Ronon | Tony/Abby | Rogue/Scott | Daniel Jackson/Rodney | Rodney/Cameron Mitchell | Jonas Quinn/Rodney | Inuyasha/Kagome | Robin/Amon | Stein/Maka | Black*Star/Maka | Tsubaki/Maka | Tsubaki/Liz | Kid/Maka |

Others I have probably missed and may add later.

Most people’s natural squicks don't bother me, as long as it is well written I am pretty un-squickable. However, I have found a few things that I get little enjoyment out of reading. Smoking. Recreational Drug Use. Embarrassment. Cheating. Abuse that is not justified at all and the couple stays together. Under-age pregnancy that is treated blasé.

I have many pets and work part time at a vet clinic. I have a bit of a book fetish.
I have a million and one fanfiction prompts and short stories stashed on my computer (and various bound journals) but always forget to post them and have the hardest time editing my own work unless it has sat for longer than a month. Mostly I get distracted by reading all the other pretty fanfiction. I have a bad habit of bursting into song or turning strange phases into even stranger improvisational songs. I've decided to work on a second undergraduate degree in technical editing to add to my English degree (with a minor in creative writing). I used to be a shy introvert but have been forced by my job to slowly evolve into an extrovert

Hope this satisfies your curiosity. Looking forward to reading with you.

Interests (155):

10/rose, 9/rose, angst, anime, arkham, art, basketball, batman, bats, beetlejuice cartoon, books, brainiacs, brandon fraiser, bruce coville, btvs, caffeine, cain/dg, cannibalism, captain jack harkness, cartoons 80's and 90's, cats, choir, chris pine, christmas movies, computers, constructive criticism, cryptozoology, cynthia eden, dark chocolate, david hewlett, david tennant, destination truth, diablo2, diablo3, diane duane, dinosaucers, doctor who, doctor/rose, dogs, drawing, editing, emma, english, erranty, everything, everything except rap, exposition, fablehaven, faeries, fairy tales, fluppy dogs, forests, fraggles, friendly hostility, gargoyles, geeks, gibbs/dinozzo, girlgenius, glasses, glitch, goth, green, gummi bears, half-life 2, halloween, harry potter, harry/draco, harry/lupin, harry/sirius, harry/snape, holmes/watson, hugh jackman, humor, hurt/comfort, insane thoughts, intelligent conversation, jane austen, jason statham, john sheppard, josh gates, karl urban, kink, kirk, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, literature, mccoy, mcshep, metal, music, musicals, ncis, neil gaiman, nerdfighters, nerds, nintendo, painting, parentheses, peter pan, pets, pirates, pixar, pride and prejudice, puppies, quake3, questionable content, r. a. redmerski, rats, reading, robin mckinley, rodney mckay, rogue/gambit, rogue/scott, rogue/wolverine, sandman, sarcasm, serial killers, sga, shakespeare, sherlock, sherlock holmes, singing, slash, sleep, snark, snarry, soul eater, spock, star trek, star wars, stardust, stargate, stargate atlantis, swimming, tamora pierce, the dark knight, tim burton, tin man, tombs, trigun, unicorn chronicles, vampires, vash the stampede, webcomics, werewolves, wii, wit, witticism, wizardry, wolverine, writing, x-men, xkcd, zachary quinto, zombies
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