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Oh thank heaven this week is almost over )

Feel free to ignore the information in the cut above. It's just so much blather.

So I’m asking a question on the fly. I suppose you could call it an on the spot meme. Since life has been a bit bonkers lately I’ve been in the mood for uplifting movies. Sappy romantic comedies that have hardly any sadness at all. Netflix is fantastic for this. Soooooo.

I want your favorite movies with a love story. Don’t be ashamed. I never have and never will make fun of movie choices. I’ve been told by my friends that my taste is horrible. Anything and everything.

Today I watched Kate and Leopold. I might watch Princess Diaries 2 tomorrow. I love The Wedding Date. The Mummy. Just about anything. And when I say anything I mean it. I have, at times, felt the mood to watch Silence of the Lambs as a romance movie. So throw them at me!

It’s been so bad lately that I watched Singing in The Rain today and cried. 0.o;

TL;DR So leave me a message with your favorite romance movies. Anything and everything! No matter how weird.

Since the above is *whine whine whine* I leave you with my favorite happy video. Also if you get the quote in the title you get cookies from the pairing/characters of your choice.

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