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I should be doing my chemistry homework that is due tomorrow morning. See Icon. In fact I plan on passing out 5 minutes from now and waking early to get it done.

Contemplating prompt #5. Have a zillion ideas. And finally we're at a word count I can do easily. I've cut so much out of all my other admissions it's not even funny. I feel like my other admissions have been so crap because they feel cut off. I thought about re-inserting some of it for prompt #4 when I posted it here. I cut out about another 1000 words. I'm too verbose. :C

I need to bash out my ideas for #5 but first I'm trying to remember what fairy tales have been done already for kirk/mccoy.

Of course there's
[info]selinamoonfire 's fabulous Big Bang Beauty and the Beast story A Kind of Magic but what other ones am I forgetting. I think there was a version of The Ice Queen? But I still have it on my to-read/view list and so an unsure if I have that right. I've seen quite a few "Sleeping Beauty" type stories, but was there one that specifically claimed it was the fairy tale version? And What other's have I missed??? Help me out here flist.

If you know any other fairy tale K/Mc stories lets me know what fairy tale it was. There was that Sailor moon story. Any greek/olympic god connections? Anything farther out into mythology? Norse? Meso-american (holy-shit that would be cool...ideas bloom). African mythology? Chinese? Japanese?

Annnnd now I have a million questions I need to ask the mods about what fairy tales are acceptable. Because my personal library...has a 9 foot bookshelf dedicated to children's stories, and fairy tales, and mythology. (specifically regarding mythology....I could have so much fun playing with that.....*DIES*)
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