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I feel so good. No really, like I can accomplish something again. I hope this feeling lasts for a long time, especially since I haven't felt this way in forever. I'm also in a weird mood, as such have a crazy video:

I can't tell you how I adore this song. Or how freaking HOT I find it. It kind of scares me. But is also inspires me, cause damn, if Jim did something so ridiculous like this and yet pulled it off but rocking it like that....seriously Bones would combust. Which yeeesssssss....

So I've got Jim and Bones thang on. Lookies!

Goblins and Fire and Dragons! )

or even

Jim and Joanna and Bones! )


PS: The video quality is shite, but the sound is good; there is another video where the quality is good, but the sound is super quiet. I'd recommend mixing and matching them if it bugs you.

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Oh thank heaven this week is almost over )

Feel free to ignore the information in the cut above. It's just so much blather.

So I’m asking a question on the fly. I suppose you could call it an on the spot meme. Since life has been a bit bonkers lately I’ve been in the mood for uplifting movies. Sappy romantic comedies that have hardly any sadness at all. Netflix is fantastic for this. Soooooo.

I want your favorite movies with a love story. Don’t be ashamed. I never have and never will make fun of movie choices. I’ve been told by my friends that my taste is horrible. Anything and everything.

Today I watched Kate and Leopold. I might watch Princess Diaries 2 tomorrow. I love The Wedding Date. The Mummy. Just about anything. And when I say anything I mean it. I have, at times, felt the mood to watch Silence of the Lambs as a romance movie. So throw them at me!

It’s been so bad lately that I watched Singing in The Rain today and cried. 0.o;

TL;DR So leave me a message with your favorite romance movies. Anything and everything! No matter how weird.

Since the above is *whine whine whine* I leave you with my favorite happy video. Also if you get the quote in the title you get cookies from the pairing/characters of your choice.

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