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*Triumphant fist-pump*

I feel so good. No really, like I can accomplish something again. I hope this feeling lasts for a long time, especially since I haven't felt this way in forever. I'm also in a weird mood, as such have a crazy video:

I can't tell you how I adore this song. Or how freaking HOT I find it. It kind of scares me. But is also inspires me, cause damn, if Jim did something so ridiculous like this and yet pulled it off but rocking it like that....seriously Bones would combust. Which yeeesssssss....

So I've got Jim and Bones thang on. Lookies!

The messenger is coming. They appear badly hurt.

Jim turned to face Bones, “Encee says they’re badly hurt.”

Bones clasped him on the shoulder, “I’ll take care of it.”

“You’ll what?” Jim asked Bones’ already re-treating form. Not getting an answer he turned to face Spock. “How’s he gonna take care of it?”

“I believe master James, that we should be more concerned with the battle on the grounds. The Prince is well equipped to handle any medical situation.” Spock watched with a raised eyebrow as the attacks from the goblins seemed to bounce off of Encee. “Fascinating.”

or even

Jim walks in the door with Joanna to see Bones scowling and hurriedly shutting off the vid screen with a “Good bye Jocelyn.”

Jim glances down at Jo as she tugs her hand loose and bonds over to her father.

“Was that momma?” she asks excitedly “Is she coming? Did you tell her about my painting and Tori, and Lena, and Jim? When is she coming?”

Bones looks hurt and does the most fidgeting Jim has ever seen him do. “Jo, baby that was your momma but she’s not coming.”

Ok so that was angsty and cliff-hanger-y but I'm just so excited to be here again!!

Now if Spock would just let me get his voice right I can post that stupid chapter. Spock why do you hate me so?


PS: The video quality is shite, but the sound is good; there is another video where the quality is good, but the sound is super quiet. I'd recommend mixing and matching them if it bugs you.